Professional Teaching Statement

As an art and design teacher I will provide a nurturing learning environment which helps students to develop the full range of human intelligences.

I am guided by a holistic understanding of education and aim to take students on a journey of self-discovery by creating a space where they can explore new possibilities and develop, refine and express their own ideas.

I regard the arts as a form of social and cultural practice and therefore will emphasise collaborative forms of learning. By interacting with others pupils will develop their social, creative and critical thinking skills.

Through projects that are innovative in terms of curriculum, including the use of digital technologies, I hope to provide the best learning experience possible for the adolescent.

As an art and design teacher I feel privileged to have the opportunity to positively affect adolescents. I am led by the hope that the students in our schools become confident and capable individuals who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that

“will help to shape the world in which they grow up in and in which we grow old. Their ability to find solutions to the problems they inherit from us, and to grow beyond the restrictions we have placed upon our world view will – more than any other generation – define the future of our species and our planet.”

(Craft 2006)

As I develop as an art and design teacher, my personal art practice will continue to inspire my teaching and provide the basis for an innovative programme of work.