Art History

At both junior and senior cycle, critical and contextual studies provide the opportunity for pupils to inform their own process of investigating and making. Whereby learning is enriched, through the practice of studying the work of other artists.


Below is a video of an art history scheme, focused on twentieth century Irish painting

Title of Scheme:

Art History – Twentieth century Irish painting – with focus on Paul Henry, Sean Keating, Tony O’Malley and Barrie Cooke

No. of Lessons: 4 lessons

Total Time: 160 mins (4 single classes)

Group: 5th Years

No. of Pupils:18


  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the paintings by Irish twentieth century artists: Paul Henry, Sean Keating, and Nano Reid
  • Develop skills to interpret twentieth century paintings, and describe the following: technique, style, composition, color, subject matter
  • Improve and develop vocabulary related to Irish twentieth century painters
  • Attain knowledge in preparation for art history state exams
Overall Learning Outcomes for the Scheme:

  • Describe and distinguish the work of Paul Henry, Sean Keating and Nano Reid in detail
  • Identify the key aspects of a paintings such as: techniques and materials used, composition and form, color palette, light/dark, themes – landscapes, portraits, Irish history
  • Increase verbal and written vocabulary to translate a painting
  • Gain deeper understanding and familiarity of art history papers through homework and an in class exam

To view the full art history scheme click here

Screenshot of a blog designed to support learning and provide the opportunity for pupils to research history of art beyond the classroom.

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