Curriculum Research

As part of continuous professional development, I conducted, small scale action research during my teaching practice. The research was an investigation into how secondary school pupils, by engaging with Andy Goldsworthy’s approach to art making, were motivated to interact and respond to their immediate surroundings in a sensitized manner and gradually developed a greater appreciation for their natural environment.

The report gave me the opportunity to

  • Contribute to curricular innovation by embracing the potential of digital technologies as a way to enhance art practice
  • Develop teacher research skills in particular, qualitative inquiry skills
  • Investigate a specific pedagogical approach, focused on learning by construction
  • Helped lay a foundation for a career in continuing professional development



Exploring the art making process of Andy Goldworthy


Students working collaboratively to create sensitive interventions. Documenting, arranging and gathering natural materials


Pupils working outdoors in the surrounding environment


Making art for an audience: the screening of the film in the school community


 Letter to Andy Goldsworthy: evidence of students learning and appreciation for the working process of the professional artist