Personal Art Practice

Landscapes, transcending

The work questions traditional landscape painting. The layering of images of documented surroundings – a process that intensifies further when the painting happens – essentially becomes an intervention with a familiar perception of the natural world.

Textures and features of nature are recalled, merge with imagination and result in the creation of landscapes that seem almost supernatural. Details such as the vertical drips in the paintings mark the gravitational force which pulls to the earth.

The work is a play between the Existing and the Envisaged, and from which arise landscapes … transcending.

"Night Water Glittering in the Light of Day", Oil on Canvas, 150x150cm

“Night Water Glittering in the Light of Day”, Oil on Canvas, 150x150cm

"White Flowers", Oil on Canvas, 60x80cm

“White Flowers”, Oil on Canvas, 60x80cm

"Rapture", Oil on Canvas, 80x120cm

“Rapture”, Oil on Canvas, 80x120cm

"Moon Green Pool", Oil on Canvas, 150x150cm

“Moon Green Pool”, Oil on Canvas, 150x150cm

"Purple Glow", Oil on Canvas, 60x80cm

“Purple Glow”, Oil on Canvas, 60x80cm

"Heavy with Blossoms", Oil on Canvas, 150x150cm

“Heavy with Blossoms”, Oil on Canvas, 150x150cm