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Title of Scheme:

Design an action packed sequenced storyboard describing your experience of an exiting event in Pallaskenry school

No. of Lessons: 15

Total Time: 10 Hours (1 double- 3 single per week over 3 weeks)

Group: 5th Years

No. of Pupils: 17


  • To help students recall and express an action packed event through the medium of drawing
  • Compose a sequenced storyboard describing an exiting event that occurred in Pallaskenry Secondary College, based on memory or imagination
  • Educate students on the variety of storyboard illustrations, including that of Alfred Hitchcock, comic and manga
  • Demonstrate ability to capture different viewpoints in the sequential storyboard
Overall Learning Outcomes for the Scheme:

  • Students will learn to recall an eventful experience and express it visually
  • Pupils will construct a sequential storyboard that considers:

o   The scale and layout of storyboard frames

o   An ability to capture several viewpoints – worms eye view, birds eye view

o   A carefully developed beginning, middle and end (not necessarily in this order)

o   Conveying drama and emotion through drawings

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