Graphic Design

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Title of Scheme:  Development and Human Rights in Education:

 Design a modern graphic A3 poster raising awareness to the water scarcity in Africa

No. of Lessons: 16

Total Time: 10 ½ hours – (2 single and 1 double over 4 weeks)

Group: First Year

No. of Pupils: 18


  • Create an A3 poster in response to the subject of scarcity of water in Africa
  • Develop skills to communicate visually to the public through poster
  • Establish skills for graphic design such as typography, color, imagery and slogan/tagline
Overall Learning Outcomes for the Scheme:

  • Examine work by the graphic designer Paul Rand and poster campaigns Charity: Water and Drop in the Bucket
  • Establish an understanding of the global issue of water scarcity in Africa
  • Compose a mind map that identifies key words and concepts related to the water scarcity
  • Design layout sketches for the poster
  • Experiment with collage/cut paper/ photocopies and acetate
  • Choosing a typeface and render the chosen font
  • Assembling an A3 poster to a final design which includes a main image, one masthead consisting of 2 words, website of organization, 2-3 colors and typography

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