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Title of Scheme:

Expressive and abstract portraiture painting – with focus on sensitive use of colour

No. of Lessons: 15 

Total Time: 13 hours(2 single and 1 double per week)

Group: 2nd YearsNo. of Pupils: 17

  • Develop skills to paint in an expressive manner experimenting with abstract painting and experimental use of colour
  • Study facial features in detail focusing on portraying a sense of emotion through the paintings
  • Gain skills to mix paint with sensitivity towards creating an array of hues of colour in the face
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of portraiture artists that paint in an expressive abstract matter. Artists such as Henri Matisse, Theo van Doesburg, Ray Turner and Emil Nolde
Overall Learning Outcomes for the Scheme:

  • Demonstrate expression of the facial features with attention to light dark areas of the face and creating a dramatic painting
  • Examine the face in detail paying attention to specific characteristics that portray emotion such as eyes and mouth
  • Mix a palette with a variety of colours with an aim to paint and describe the face in an abstract manner
  • Create a series of portraits that portray the face from a straight and side profile
  • Gain skills for painting in an active manner to create a sense of movement in the paintings
  • Examine work of Henri Matisse, Theo van Doesburg, Emil Nolde and Ray Turner

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Title of Scheme: Constructing a landscape painting of a night time forest scene in Pallaskenry. Applying paint using layering techniques. No. of Lessons: 12 Lessons

Total Time: 8 Hours (1 double + 2 single per week over 3 weeks)

Group: 2nd YearNo. of Pupils: 13

  • Develop skills to re-interpret a photograph as a source of information for a painting
  • Experiment with the application of paint – especially layering paint
  • To identify how color affects the mood of a painting
Overall Learning Outcomes for the Scheme:

  • Pupils will learn how to use paint fluidly and with special attention to colors that set the mood for a night time scene
  • Display an ability to re-interpret a photograph of a nighttime forest scene in Pallaskenry
  • Develop observational drawing skills
  • Learn techniques such as layering paint, by creating washes of paint
  • Recognize the time required to develop a painting – gaining awareness of the process involved to create a painting

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