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Title of Scheme:  Sculpture: Constructing a life size jacket out of organic materials using methods of weaving, plaiting, sewing and gluing. No. of Lessons: 20

Total Time: 13 ½ hours(1 double- 3 single per week over 4 weeks) (3 singles of art history)

Group: 5th Years

No. of Pupils: 18


  • Create a detailed observational drawing of a chosen area of the jacket
  • Construct a sculpture of a jacket using natural materials in groups
  • Develop sewing, weaving, plaiting and gluing skills
  • Document the sculpture with photography
  • Work in individually and collaboratively to create a sculpture
Overall Learning Outcomes for the Scheme:

  • Demonstrate awareness of shape, structure and seams of a jacket in relation to the human form in their drawings
  • Respond to the natural material and assemble a well constructed element of the jacket
  • Experiment with methods of construction and assembling using delicate found materials such as leaves, twigs, grass
  • Examine work of Alice Maher, Terhi Heino and Anni Rapinoja

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