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Title of Scheme:

Textiles –Investigating linear structures of the school building through the manner of drawing with pins and thread.

No. of Lessons: 15

Total Time: 7 ½ hours – (2 single and 1 double over 5 weeks)

Group: First Year

No. of Pupils: 20


  • Create a concentrated observational drawing that explores the linear structures of the school building
  • Develop skills for textiles that includes design and planning and involves using pins and thread to draw and create lines
  • Complete a well made drawing with pins and thread that displays close observation of the surrounding building, strong composition and includes rich details of the architectural aspects.
Overall Learning Outcomes for the Scheme:

  • Examine the work of Debbie Smyth a contemporary textile artist
  • Demonstrate awareness of the shapes and structure and details of the school building in a accurate observational drawing
  • Apply design skills in planning out sections, scale and accurate translation of the visual information
  • Applies various stages of design in preparation for drawing on material such as creating an observational drawing and tracing which show precision and care
  • Examine the school building with a view to capture a visually interesting perspective for the textile work
  • Complete a well-designed drawing with pins and thread that describes the architecture of the school in rich detail.
  • Increased ability to conduct field work

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